In episode 31, Stacey chats with Maris Hawkins, a middle and upper school Spanish teacher who has used class novels, graphic novels, and free voluntary reading in her classes, as well as a variety of technologies to make student learning visible. Maris is also a prolific blogger and discusses how we can all share what’s happening in our own classrooms as well as get ideas and resources from other teachers sharing their work.



You can read the transcript of this episode here.


Show Notes

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You can find Maris Hawkins online…

…on Twitter @marishawkins

…on her blog

…or on where she is a contributor

Here are the authors and bloggers mentioned on the episode…

Kara Jacobs

… Martina Bex The Comprehensible Classroom

CCC Spanish Store

Kristy Placido Language Store

Allison Weinhold Mis Clases Locas

Here are some more links of resources mentioned on the show…

Seesaw online portfolio tool

Snapchat social photo sharing/editing tool

Bloglovin for keeping up with blogs

novel for language learners Frida Kahlo

novel for language learners Agentes Secretos

graphic novels from Sr. Wooly


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8 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 31: Blogs, Novels, and Teachers Sharing their Work with Maris Hawkins

  1. Absolutely love Maris’ blog and loved catching this episode! It actually makes me feel so much better to hear that she is just starting with novels too- I’m not as behind the eight ball as I thought!

  2. This was the very first episode of We Teach Languages that I listened to—and I was blown away by Maris’s creativity. The blog is an amazing resource. I’m so impressed by her teaching and her dedication in sharing her work with others. Whenever I read something of hers, I feel inspired and excited to revamp my own teaching. This episode quickly made me a fan of We Teach Languages. I’m grateful that Carolyn S. recommended it to me (and encouraged me to join Twitter!). Highly recommend WTL and Maris’s blog now to all my colleagues!

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