Language teachers everywhere are trying to figure out how to maintain instruction online when meeting face-to-face with our students is no longer possible. We thought this would be a good time to rerun a few of our favorite tech-focused episodes from the last three years. We hope this episode will spark some great ideas for you about how you can effectively and efficiently teach with technology. Stacey also wants listeners to know that she is collecting resource, blog posts, and tools into one place over on her blog. The blog post is called Putting our Language Courses Online: A Resources Round-Up (and a Work in Progress) and is updated regularly with new stuff from around the web.


In episode 9 of We Teach Languages, Stacey talks with Claire Knowles about teaching college Spanish in a fully online, asynchronous format. Claire tells us about how she uses performance assessments instead of tests to assess learning and how she elicits feedback and reflection from students in every unit.

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Show Notes

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Scholars and research mentioned on the show:

Dr. Claire Knowles’ Twitter profile:

The textbook, Ritmos, that Claire uses:

If you have questions about performance assessments in the language classroom, here are a few links to get you started:


A photobooth picture Claire and I took at ACTFL 2015, just for fun! 507


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