In episode 115, Stacey ponders the question “Who should be talking in the language classroom?” Drawing on past guest interviews, Stacey breaks down the main question into several smaller parts by asking about who is talking, when, and in what language.

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Show Notes

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These past episodes were mentioned or featured in this episode…

… Episode 42: Choosing Critical Cultural Content over Grammar with Daniel Woolsey

… Episode 112: Teaching Listening with Gianfranco Conti, Part II

Episode 27: Teaching Intercultural Communicative Competence Across the Age Range with Manuela Wagner

Episode 58: Principles of Outstanding Language Teaching with Steve Smith

Episode 19: Finding your Professional Community and Staying in the Target Language with Caleb Howard

Episode 113: Mind, Body, and Voice Skills with Justin Slocum Bailey


Other resources related to this episode…

90% target language use statement from ACTFL

… Regarding using the L1 in class, here is a paper by Vivian Cook that is great, and please please check out the book Double Talk by Virginia Scott who was a guest back in May. You can find her excellent episode here:  Episode 106: Prioritizing and Interpreting Texts with Virginia Scott

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