In episode 153, Stacey interviews Omar Rachid who currently teaches middle school French at a high school in Washington state. For the previous seven years, he has lived and worked in Singapore where he taught at an American school. In this interview, he shares his experiences in a program where French and Spanish are the less commonly taught languages and students move up to the next level of instruction when they meet their proficiency goals.


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Show Notes

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Omar’s dogs wearing sweaters
Omar Rachid

If you want to get the “You Belong Here” posters that Omar mentioned in his interview, you can find them on Dr. Emily Meadows’ Twitter feed as her pinned first tweet.

Omar Rachid is an experienced educator, coach and leader with a demonstrated history of working in both primary and secondary education in service of
multilingual students and language education. A native of Venezuela, he grew up in a multicultural Moroccan and Syrian household, studied in the US and France and has been based in Singapore for the past seven years. He currently teaches Middle School French at Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington. You can learn more about Omar’s educational beliefs on his YouTube channel.

You can reach out to Omar on Twitter @rachidotweets or by email.

Learn more about Stacey, WTL producer and the interviewer in this episode, here.



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