Last year, in response to Episode 46: Labor Issues and Language Teaching with Mura Nava, Marc Jones, whom you can find on Twitter @11thhourspecial, wrote a guest article for our Midweek News #6.


I listened with great interest to the Mura Nava interview because of his work with TaWSIG, particularly raising awareness of the raw deal many of us involved in language teaching are subject to when dealing with employers. At universities and colleges around the world many of us need to assemble a patchwork of employment, frequently scuttling between different institutions, often within the same day, just to make a living. Our employers make fabulous claims in their promotional materials about the level of education they provide yet so many adjunct teachers have little to no compensation for the large amount of planning, preparation and assessment required to maintain such standards. It was refreshing to hear someone tell my truth instead of the myth of the noble teacher who makes a vow of poverty for the vocation.

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