In this post, Stacey answers a common question about how she chooses her guests.

My choices are guided in equal parts by serendipity, networking, and a commitment to diversity. I have my own professional network of teachers and researchers that I draw on, but I also meet people in interesting settings, follow leads on the internet, sometimes listeners suggest people, I run into folks at conferences…so many ways interviews come about. There are a couple of factors that help make sure we always have a diverse set of interviews on as many levels as possible.

One–> I encourage people to submit contributions. Why should I be the only one interviewing people? I only know the people I know. But you all know so many amazing teachers. If we work together, we can cover more ground, represent more diverse voices, and generally do better work.

Two–> I record way in advance, usually 4-6 weeks, but sometimes longer. That means I always have a pipeline of episodes ready to go, and I can organize the episodes to represent different kinds of diversity.

Is there a kind of language teaching or a voice that the podcast is missing? I would love to hear your ideas and get your submissions. Reach out to talk about your ideas!

If you have questions about the show, about language teaching, about me, or about any topic related to this podcast, please reach out. I’d be very happy to hear from you.


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