In this post, Stacey answers a common question about sponsorship and financial support.

In the last few weeks, I have gotten several questions about how I support the podcast financially. It’s not something I talk about, generally, because there is not much to say. The answer is that I do not have financial support or sponsors nor is the site monetized in any way. I have a few reasons for prefering it that way, and I do not intend to seek any sponsors out.

I have a job as university staff/faculty where I get to work as an administrator, teach, and do research I love, but the podcast is not part of my responsibilities at my job either. My employer is very supportive of my “extracurricular” work on the podcast, but this podcast is a something I do in my spare time, usually after my three kiddos have gone to sleep in the evenings. If something costs money, I pay for it myself or I live without it. I do all the recording, production work, and social media using free or low-cost tools and public domain art and music that I also edit myself. In fact, I’m not the only volunteer: All WTL guests and contributors volunteer their time and intellectual labor to be on the podcast.

A grad student I know at my institution would call this a punk podcast because I am using what I have available to make something outside traditional structures. Since my own musical tastes run a bit in the other direction, I like to think of it more as a 1970’s-era-easy-listening garage band that I funnel all my creative energy into.  In reality, it’s just an all-volunteer effort in which many people have participated out of sheer good will. If you would like to volunteer as a podcast contributor, here’s how you can pitch in to this all-volunteer effort!


If you have questions about the show, about language teaching, about me, or about any topic related to this podcast, please reach out. I’d be very happy to hear from you.

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