In episode 38, Stacey talks with Gillian Lord, professor and chair of the Department of  Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Florida, about her work researching and teaching pronunciation.


Show Notes

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You can find Gillian Lord on Twitter @glordward, her faculty page, or by email

Resources mentioned on the show…

the Sounds Project from the University of Iowa is an excellent
way to show articulation of sounds. They have English, Spanish and German, and they also have a cool app.

… Gillian’s PDF of her presentation on teaching pronunciation. (Note from Stacey: This is an excellent resource if you want to know more!)

… Gillian’s 2005 article on teaching pronunciation: Lord, G. (2005). (How) Can We Teach Foreign Language Pronunciation? On the Effects of a Spanish Phonetics Course. Hispania, 88(3), 557-567. doi:10.2307/20063159


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