In episode 34, Danielle Dorvil interviews Professor Raul Rosales Herrera, Associate Professor of Spanish at Drew University. Raul discusses his perspective on excellent language teaching and the goals he and his institution have set for students.



Show Notes

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You can find Raul Rosales on his faculty page

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3 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 34: Assessments, Affect, and Proficiency Goals with Raul Rosales

  1. Loved your reflection at the end on how perhaps learning about good assessment and changing assessment practices should be the first steps as teachers move to a more proficiency approach. YES! I wish I knew that when I started my switch to proficiency based teaching, learning and assessment.

    Regarding your comment on teachers not knowing how to get started, I have a few suggestions! First both @mmeshep (Madame’s Musings) and @SraShawSpanish (Spanish with Sra Shaw) have on their blogs several posts about IPAs and to begin. Awesome resources! And for those just beginning a proficiency based approach, and wanting lots of resources or a type of directory, I’ve created this rough in progress site to house all the tools a teacher might need!

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