In episode 24, Caleb Howard interviews Amanda Seewald, a teacher, coach, and curriculum developer in New Jersey, about her experiences advocating for world languages and for her students, including how her advocacy work led to the signing of the Seal of Biliteracy into law in 2016.


Show Notes

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Amanda Seewald is the owner and author of MARACAS Language Programs and Learning Kaleidoscope Educational Consulting.   MARACAS publishes innovative curriculum materials and music to enhance language instruction and learning. She has been teaching children, coaching educators, and developing curricula for 18 years and is a regular presenter at national, regional, and state conferences. As an advocate for language education, Amanda works with federal and state legislative offices to garner support for legislation and funding.  Amanda is the President of the Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey and serves on the executive board of the Joint National Committee on Language.  She is the New Jersey State Representative for the National Network for Early Language Learning.  Most recently, Amanda joined the Board of Directors for the Pulsera Project.  Amanda is a speaker of Spanish, French, and Japanese.

You can find Amanda Seewald online…


Resources on language advocacy

…Information on the Seal of Biliteracy



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5 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 24: Advocacy, the Seal of Biliteracy, and Steps We Can All Take with Amanda Seewald

  1. I really like the podcast, it is a great place to practice English listening. But as for me, I can’t understand each word or phrase. I was curious where I can find subtitles.

    1. Hi Yuting! Thanks for your comment! We are working on getting transcripts of each episode. Unfortunately, it takes time and money so we don’t have them ready to go quite yet. But please keep listening because transcripts are coming soon!

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