Our next guest on the podcast is Gianfranco Conti, the popular blogger and teacher developer who works mainly in European and international contexts. In a fun twist, this week I (Stacey) wrote a guest post on Gianfranco’s blog about language teaching, and, on Friday, he will be a guest on the We Teach Languages podcast. Ginafranco is a great collaborator, and I look forward to the next time we work together.

While you’re waiting for the next episode of We Teach Languages to come out, check out my post on Gianfranco’s blog!

Introduction In this very practical and useful post, Stacey Johnson, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese, Assistant Director of Technology and Teacher trainer at the Centre for Applied Language Studies at Vanderbilt University gives practical tips on how she has trained her EFL student teachers to create narrow reading texts using authentic resources. The whole […]

via How to create narrow reading texts using authentic online resources – guest blog by Stacey Johnson from Vanderbilt university — The Language Gym

One thought on “Guest Post on Gianfranco Conti’s Blog

  1. Thx for sharing.Great
    I planned to go China, but suspended by the coronavirus, so can only learn Chinese at home and took the live online lesson by communicating with native-Chinese teachers from eChineseLearning
    It seems good currently. Do you think this method of learning is realistic?

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