In episode 6 of We Teach Languages, Stacey talks with Kaishan Kong, an assistant professor of Chinese at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire,  about what excellent language teaching looks like, how to integrate language and culture instruction, and teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the United States.


Show Notes

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Scholars and research mentioned on the show:

Kaishan Kong’s website and faculty page

ACTFL Standards and the 3 Ps of culture:




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3 thoughts on “We Teach Languages Episode 6: Integrating Culture and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in the US with Kaishan Kong

  1. Another great show! I thought the comments about promoting diversity within language and culture was interesting; it is something I’d like to hear more about. I also enjoyed the information Dr Kong shared related to diverse student populations and feedback. I believe constructive feedback is an essential part of language acquisition and culture competence and spend a lot of time giving feedback to students in my own classroom. I found the resource hosted on CARLA: “Styles and strategies-based instruction: A teachers’ guide” had a lot of great practical information. I wondered, how much time should instructors spend evaluating their teaching methods and adapting them to meet the different types of learners they may have semester to semester? Also, I have also read some articles that refute the validity and applicability of learning styles (Glenn, 2010; Pashler, McDaniel, Rohrer, & Bjork, 2008), and wonder, how useful are learning styles for language and culture teaching, if at all?

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