Episode 5 of the EdTech podcast Leading Lines is a must-listen for language teachers!

This episode features an interview with Lee Forester, Professor of German at Hope College, and Bill VanPatten, Professor of Spanish and Second Language Studies at Michigan State University. In the summer of 2016,Stacey Margarita Johnson, Assistant Director for Educational Technology at the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching, sat down with Forester and VanPatten at the AATSP conference. Both faculty members have developed online learning materials, including textbooks, for language instruction, and Stacey’s conversation with the two professors and textbook developers explored ways to use digital textbooks and publisher-provided learning platforms, as well as some compelling reasons to ditch the textbook.

As a companion to this podcast episode, Stacey created a new teaching guide on working with publisher-provided online platforms. The guide features more audio from Lee Forester and Bill VanPatten, as well as several other language instructors Stacey recently interviewed.

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