We Teach Languages Episode 16: Making Research More Accessible to Teachers with Gianfranco Conti, Part I

In episode 16, Stacey interviews Gianfranco Conti, a well-known MFL (Modern Foreign Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher and teacher developer. He has taught languages all over Europe and in Malaysia, and has a deep knowledge of both research and practice. In his blog, Gianfranco synthesizes research on language teaching and learning to make it more accessible to teachers. We talk about useless things language teachers do (e.g. error correction) and ways to improve student learning (e.g. recycle, recycle, recycle).

This episode contains Part I of our conversation, and next week, episode 17 will be Part II. 

For links and show notes, visit http://weteachlang.com/2017/08/18/we-teach-languages-episode-16-making-research-more-accessible-to-teachers-with-gianfranco-conti-part-i

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