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We Teach Languages Episode 75: Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources with Kara Jacobs

In episode 75, Maris Hawkins interviews Kara Jacobs, a Spanish teacher who is well-known for sharing lessons, units, stories, and activities around authentic resources on her blog. If you don’t already know Kara, this interview is a great introduction to her, her approach, and the kinds of resources she shares.
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Show Notes

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Maris Hawkins is a regular contributor to the podcast. You can reach out to her on Twitter @marishawkins or on her website.

Kara Jacobs has been a high school Spanish teacher for 20 years. You can find her on her blog or on Twitter @karacjacobs. Kara actually wrote a blog post summarizing her interview and listing tons of great free resources she has made available, so make sure to visit that post on her blog!

Resources mentioned on the show…

Fluency Matters novels

…Kara’s Danielle resources from the lottery commercials

…Conferences like IFLT, Express Fluency, TCIMaine

…blogs like Martina Bex’s and Arianne Dowd’s and resources from people like Carrie Toth and Maris Hawkins

songs from Sr. Wooly

Words & Actions: Teaching Languages through the Lens of Social Justice

…ACTFL resources like the Language EducatorProficiency Guidelines, and the Can Do Statements

Voces Digital

Kara uses a version of Story Listening, which we have heard about before on the podcast in our interview with the developer of Story Listening Episode 52: Story Listening and Efficient Acquisition with Beniko Mason

Maris mentioned that there have been previous episodes about moving away from the textbook. Try these as a good place to start…

Episode 14: Making the Transition to Authentic Resources and Proficiency with Lisa Shepard

Episode 36: A Departmental Shift to IPA-based Units with Rich Madel

Episode 66: Pursuing Proficiency with Williamson County Schools, Part I and Episode 67: Pursuing Proficiency with Williamson County Schools, Part II



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